6 Skincare HACKS which you must follow this Monsoon Season!

Monsoons are no doubt one of the most anticipated seasons for most of us. (We said most of us!)

But as much as our eyes enjoy the sight of drenched lush green leaves, unfortunately our skincare goals are thrown out the window! But have you ever wondered why is it so difficult for our skin and hair to manage during this time?

The answer is in the following facts :

  • The disturbed pH of the skin during Monsoons.
  • The high humidity that causes excessive sweating.
  • Skin becomes more oily which can cause problems, especially for people with oily skin. (Can lead to clogged pores & more breakouts.)
  • More redness and irritation.

What’s the solution then?

Solution is being more wise and selective while doing your skincare!

During monsoon the best skincare is the one that:

1. Hydrates

Hydration plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy & resilient. But, here’s the catch, during monsoon our skin requires more intense hydration that lasts longer and feels light on the skin. Here are our hydration heroes which are meant to do all that our skin needs! :

Thank You Farmer Water Light Toner

Thank You Farmer Water Light Emulsion

2. Maintains the healthy microbiome:

Here’s our highly recommended ampoule for boosting and promoting healthy skin microbiome, which ensures that the skin remains plump and hydrated & also maintains the appropriate pH level of the skin, thus preventing multiple problems at once! Interesting, isn’t it!!?

Rovectin Clean Youth Biome Ampoule

3. Exfoliates & Unclogs the Skin:

If you’re a true skincare enthusiast, you must be aware of how important exfoliation is. During monsoon when our skin produces excessive oil & the humidity is at its peak and so is our laziness :/, it becomes even more important to include some skincare products which gently exfoliate but at the same time can be used on every other day in your regular skincare routine!

Our newly launched Nacific Pink AHA BHA Range is a perfect fit for this! It has Tranexamic Acid, Salicylic acid, Lactic acid & many soothing ingredients as well!

You can also try cult-favorite Rovectin Clean LHA Blemish Ampoule!

And once you get started with the right products, take care of the following things:

  1. Wash your face with a "gentle" hydrating cleanser.
  2. Resist the urge to wash the your face too often in the day. Wash only twice! 
  3. A good toner will help you restore the skin’s natural pH & will take off the shine from the skin to keep it fresh & glowing! 
  4. Use a light gel-based matte finish moisturiser on the skin. 
  5. Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of the accumulated germs on the skin. 
  6. Sunscreen is a must, even when it is cloudy! 

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