Five Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

Dull texture, flaky surface, and prominent fine lines- it is almost an accepted norm for your dry skin to be the reason behind those frown lines on your forehead. The battle is two-fold once the winter arrives and threatens to take the last remnants moisture away from your skin. 

Let’s talk about the basics: it is time to acknowledge that your goal is to infuse as much moisture in your skin as possible and keep it hydrated throughout the day. Luckily, the Korean skincare routine comes to the rescue with an effective solution. The Korean routine for dry skin requires products that not only layer the skin with moisturizing ingredients but also penetrate deep into cells, hydrate, and keep the skin supple and super-enriched.

Make moisturizer your best friend

If you have dry skin, you probably know that a super-enriched moisturizer is the most essential part of your skincare routine. While the benefits are numerous, let us stress on the most basic of one- a good moisturizer helps your skin to rejuvenate and seals in the natural skin moisture by preventing drying. When applying one remember to thoroughly cleanse your skin first, and apply on a damp face.

Invest in a moisturizer that offers a thick consistency, and absorbs quickly in your skin. Skinbae’s Rovectin Barrier Repair Cream Concentrate is a great pick if you are looking for an antioxidant-rich variant for damage repair and deep hydration.

Try the wonders of a sleeping mask

While applying a sleeping mask is a relaxing experience, its benefits are not just limited to a good cleanup session. According to famed Korean YouTuber, Joan Kin, overnight sleeping masks are the go-to to wake up to a super hydrated and moisturized skin. Sleeping masks often come enriched with nutrients designed for ultra-conditioning and hydrating the skin. The result? Soft, younger-looking skin, overnight. 

When buying sleeping masks for your dry skin, remember to look for antioxidants like green tea and vitamin E. Skinbae’s LIVELY Vege cleanse sleeping mask does an amazing job by calming and purifying the waste accumulated in the skin and promising intense damage repair. It comes enriched with green components such as kale, parsley, and spinach that rejuvenates the skin gives clear and firm skin texture. If you have dry - sensitive skin, try Rovecin's Cica Care sleeping pack! It's a must have for dry skin fam.

Cleanse thoroughly

The golden rule for dry skin is to cleanse your skin thoroughly but not too much. Invest some time to research and pick up a facial cleanser best suited for your skin. Now take some product in your hands and apply as gently as possible. You can even consider switching to micellar water, no-rinse cleansing option that removes dirt, oil, and makeup without the need for water. 

Try Rovectin's skin essential cleanser if you are looking for a Paraben-free, organic composition with gentle formula and low pH property.

Skip those long, hot showers

Nothing is more satisfying than a long hot shower set at just the right temperature. Isn’t it? What we don’t realize is the fact that the same ‘satisfaction’ is stripping your skin off its essential natural oils. The result is a dry, flaky skin that you can’t stop itching.

Now that you know the cause, take a cue from past lessons, and refrain from setting your shower’s temperature too high.

Hydrate for healthiness 

It is a fact that dry skin needs to be hydrated more frequently than any other skin type. Our solution? Purchase a good mist spray and keep it on you all the time. The best thing about a facial mist is its ease of usage. This way you can keep your skin refreshed throughout the day without worrying about your complexion. 

Looking for recommendations? Check out the Celimax Real Noni Face Mist at Skinbae. The hydrating formula is designed to soothe the skin while strengthening the skin's moisture barrier. It contains Noni extract to calm irritated skin.

While managing a dry skin can get challenging sometimes, it is no Herculean task. With a proper skincare routine, you can easily beat the flaky blues even when the temperatures drop low.