Raving About Rovectin

Acclaimed skincare brand, Rovectin, stands by its motto: 'You should feel comfortable in your own skin'. The good part is, unlike its fellow competitors, Rovectin delivers. 

 With a diverse range that comprises products, crafted for each step of your skincare routine, Rovectin thrives in its niche of skincare products that are restorative, and designed for the sensitive skin. 

 The Making of the Brand

The story of this acclaimed brand has humble origins. What started as a personal quest to support skin regeneration among cancer patients, turned into a mission to improve the common side-effects of cancer treatments – skin dryness and barrier deterioration. 

 The brand’s first product was launched for sensitive skin to aid skin hydration and repair in cancer patients. The Anti-irritant Barrier Repair Ultra Cream soon became a trusted name among the medical circles across Korea. 

 Rovectin believes in maintaining ingredient standards and opposing the practices of ingredient-toxicity. In doing so, the brand affirms its stance for offering restorative products to its health-conscious consumers that help heal the skin from within. Formulating such a product, however, is an effortful task. Rovectin makes this possible by offering ‘clean’ products formulated with the same high-quality ingredients as used in the brand’s anti-irritant line for hospitals. 

 While skin restoration remains Rovectin’s USP, the brand today features an elaborate range of products that cater to all the skin types and skincare needs. 

 Skincare is a Journey

Rovectin comes from the Latin word reverti, meaning “to go back to where it was.” 

 Nature defines a major aspect of our being. Rovectin proves that skincare shares the belief. Organic and paraben-free ingredients can do wonders in rejuvenating skin and keeping it healthy for a long time. Slow healing, after all, goes beyond the tubes to nourish the skin, inside and out. 

 Since each skin is unique, so should be products applied to it. Rovectin offers a wide range of unique products, each designed for a specific skin-type or a skincare need. The products sprawl across the categories of skin type(dry, oily, combination, and acne-prone), purpose(cleanse, hydrate, moisturize, etc.) as well as the product type (toner, cleanser, facial mask, etc), to make finding a product a hassle-free affair.

Rovectin’s featured product lines make this process one step easier. The brand has five exclusive product ranges to accommodate different skincare needs. 


 The Aqua-enriched collection from Rovectin provides deep hydration to the dry and damaged skin. The Hyaluronic Acid enriched products help the skin form a protective moisture barrier to keep it well-hydrated and damage-free.

 Rovectin's Barrier Repair, on the other hand, is an exclusive line crafted to maintain the skin’s natural moisture and keep the wrinkles at bay. The high-quality products from this range help the skin to age gracefully by keeping it healthy and fresh looking.

 The Cica Care collection is a sure shot remedy for acne-control and acne-treatment. Its product range, infused with the goodness of Calamine and Madecassoside, helps revitalize the skin.

The Anti-Irritant collection offers advanced skincare solutions for extremely damaged and sensitive skin(skin with conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis). For its vegan followers, the brand has an exclusive product line comprising organic, 100% vegan products. The Rovectin Clean products are also extra gentle on the dry and sensitive skin.

 With Rovectin’s idea of a-product-for-every-need, skincare becomes easier, more liberating, and most of all, a more healthy venture. The result is a luminous skin that radiates beauty from within. 

Comfortable Skin Can Change Your Life.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. With the current trend for the flawless skin, the demand for products that promise health over quick-fixes is more than ever. Korean skincare stands out in this aspect with its delivery of healthier solutions to common skincare problems. 

Rovectin’s launch in India, by skincare expert Skinbae, has made quality Korean skincare products are more accessible than ever. For the Indian market, used to the idea of an organic beauty regime for centuries, Rovectin comes like a boon with its offering of clean products without all the unnecessary labour. 

Safe ingredients and healthy skin- the few must-haves we look for when choosing a skincare routine for skin. With Skinbae’s powerful Korean offering, Rovectin, the matter is now a far-sighted worry. Join the Skinbae community for a healthier beauty retreat.