Self-care Daily

Managing a skincare routine is an oddly underrated job. If you find yourself juggling this multi-feathered hat to maintain proper consistency, and quality you are not alone. If the endless quests to your dermatologist are draining your optimism (, and budget), it is time to adopt a skincare routine that focuses on healthy habits and self-care. 

Skinbae decodes how should you go about planning and adopting a consistent self-care regime, that is crafted specifically for your skin. 

How about a skincare ritual?

Skincare is a work in progress and, as is true for every work-in-progress project, it demands consistency and care. But did you know that you are more likely to stick to a self-established daily skincare ritual than blindly sticking to regime adopted from somewhere between the pages of a glossy magazine? 

So, what is a s


elf-established, daily skincare ritual? Allow us to elaborate. Think of your skincare ritual as a process beyond a four-step routine to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and moisturize your skin. It is more of a habit that is inclusive of your exercise schedules (exercising is great for blood flow to the skin!) and your diet.

Since no one knows your skin better than you do, it makes sense that you research and self-pick products that you want to layer on your skin. The goal is to find purpose-specific products; dietary supplements; and lifestyle options for your skin, and stick to them. Got dull skin? Make a habit of consuming a spoonful of honey the first thing in the morning. Tired of skin pigmentation? Find a sunblock that is at least PA+++, the increasing number of plus symbols signifying a better protection quotient. (Hint: The Deep moisture skin protector by Skinbae provides advanced skin protection like a pro.) 

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With a bit of trial and error, you will not only establish for yourself an awesome skin ritual but also be a proud owner of a great range of products that suit your skin perfectly.

Rewire those habits. 

Have you ever ended up landing straight on your bed with your makeup on, after a Friday night out? Guilty? Well, we all have been there. As essential to sticking to a skincare ritual is rewiring your lifestyle habits that harm your skin.

  • Keep your sunscreen with you at all times. Even if you are INDOORS. Choose the sunscreen that fits your skin. At Skinbae, you can get the best Korean sunscreen for oily skin, dry skin or any other type.
  • Make a point to keep your body and face towel separate. This way you don’t end up transferring your body’s dead skin cells to your face. 
  • Cleanse your skin TWICE, daily. Dab on an even layer of your cleanser the first thing in the morning and after you return from work to keep your skin clear, and free from dullness, pigmentation, and acne breakouts. Try Skinbae’s All Day Vitamin cleanser for an easy application and excellent results.
  • Use face masks. The Korean beauty regime recommends a weekly dose of masks to let its active ingredients soak into your skin and work their magic. Why rush to the spa when you can unwind with a flawless skin right at home?
  • Change your pillow cover every few days. Your pillow cover is a host of dead skin cells no matter how well you exfoliate your skin before going to bed. It makes sense now how clean pillow covers greatly reduce your acne breakouts, right?

Watch out for the products!

What your skin looks like is what you apply to it (Well mostly; the other half depends upon your diet and genes). Sounds obvious? Ironically, we tend to ignore this fact more often than we care to admit. If your cleanser is giving you flaky skin, it is likely that the product is not suiting your skin at all; and that leads us precisely to the trash can. Ditch the products that aren’t working for you and review your options once more. Here’s what you can ask yourself before filling the cart:

  • What are my skincare needs? Oil-control, dryness, skin-darkening, or acne are a few examples. 
  • Will this product suit my skin type?
  • Is it free from alcohol and strong parabens?
  • Are there any medical claims/ consumer reviews to vouch for its effectiveness?

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Finding the perfect product is sure a tricky business. Nevertheless, it should be treated just like one! Save your skin from the torture of endless products, and instead learn to keep a close eye on the product’s composition, before you make the purchase.

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Self-care is self-love; it stems from daily motivation and a ready willingness to make that little effort to show your skin some love. Here’s Skinbae’s advice: take some me-time out of your busy routine, and the next time you arrive home after a late-night spree, remember to drag yourself to the washbasin for a quick clean up before you crash-land on your bed.