Dr. Different VITALIFT-A Forte Night Treatment Cream (0.1% Retinal)

11 times more effective than retinol. This is stabilized high-end 0.1% Retinal for faster, safer results. Swiftly soaks into your skin for faster, more effective results.




₹ 4,499

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Good for anti-aging

Good for acne & blemishes

Good for uneven skin tone

What is it?

Dr. Different VITALIFT-A Night Treatment Cream results from a decade-long quest for perfection. It contains 0.1% of Retinal, a high-end ingredient, stabilized with our patented Niosome technology. This powerhouse stimulates collagen production, resulting in a firmer, more youthful complexion, and effectively improves uneven skin tone, and helps with dark spots and acne. It's efficient, stable, and safer than Retinol. Ideal for Retinal beginners. Comes in a special airless tube that helps keep the Retinal stable.

Which skin type is it good for?

✔ Combination
✔ Acne-prone
✔ Oily
✔ Sensitive
✔ Dry
✔ Normal

Solves your skin concerns :

✔ Acne & blemishes
✔ Uneven skin tone
✔ Hyperpigmentation
✔ Fine Lines & wrinkles
✔ Blemishes & dark spots
✔ Loss of Firmness and Elasticity

For best results, pair with :

For Dry/Normal/Sensitive Skin - Dr. Different 311 Moisturizer, Dr. Different 131 Moisturizer
For Oily/Sensitive/Acne-prone skin - Dr. Different 113 Moisturizer

What Else You Should Know?

Our cream's vibrant yellow hue signifies pure, potent Retinal.
Ideal for Retinal beginners
Comes in a special airless tube that helps keep Retinal stable
Stabilized Retinal for turbocharged results.
Tackles aging signs, uneven skin tone, and more.
Patented Niosome technology guarantees stability.
Remarkable absorption and deep skin penetration.
Fortified with Safflower Oil, it boasts anti-inflammatory properties and skin protection.
Retinol dries out your skin and affects skin barrier whereas Retinal retains moisture for plump, radiant results.

Clinical Results :

A non-sticky, moisturizing formula with proven scientific results for various skin concerns:

A remarkable 96% of users experienced a 22.4% improvement in skin hydration.
An impressive 97% of users saw an 8.6% improvement in skin firmness and a 9.9% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
It replenishes and boosts collagen production by a staggering 544% within just 72 hours of application.

Quantity: 20gms

Gently apply a thin layer across the entire face and follow it up with a moisturiser in your night-time skincare routine. Vitamin A (Retinal) makes skin more sensitive to harsh UV rays and blue light, hence recommended to use only at night and apply a sunscreen the next morning for best results.

*Recommended to use once a week and gradually increase as the skin adapts.

*Not recommended for pregnant/breast-feeding women.

Water, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Glycerin, Squalane, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Sterols, Cholesterol, Phytosteryl/Behenyl/Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Polyglyceryl-10 Oleate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Polyglutamic Acid, Ceramide NP, Retinal(0.1%), Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid, Tocopherol, Adenosine, Disodium EDTA

Country Of Origin : South Korea

Manufactured by: Dareun Cosmetics Co.,ltd. 11th Floor 335 Hakdong-ro, Gangman-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Imported & Marketed by : Sqintalk Cosmeceuticals Private Limited, H. No: 4, SP, B.No.41, Autonagar Bagh, Hayathnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India Zip: 500070

Skin Bae is the official brand partner of Dr. Different in India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lokhande D.

Because I have very dry skin, I get wrinkles easily and I get pimples as well. After using this cream, the pimples goes away. The texture of my skin has improved so much. Love it!


I went over to Forte after using a weak one, but I can't feel the stimulation and I'm using it! It's not really dry for a retinal product, but it feels really moisturizing! Its perfect for a night cream during the changing seasons like now. It spreads well and can be applied in small amounts. After all, I think prevention is important for wrinkles and elasticity. I feel that my skin has become firmer and has some strength :) I can tell that my skin texture has definitely improved!!


I've been using it every night since I got it! It was said that there was irritation, so at first, I applied it as much as a grain of rice to each side of my face, and then gradually increased the amount and applied it! Retinal was said to be good for pores, so I tried it because I was worried about pores! So, I applied it mainly on my cheeks and nose where I was worried about pores. The application was very smooth. First of all, it didn't sting from the first day, and it didn't sting as soon as I applied it, but after applying and sleeping in the morning, it stung when I washed my face and applied basic products. The picture is completely unretouched, and it was taken under the same lighting in the bedroom right before bed, but there is a slight difference in brightness. I think you can ignore the brightness and focus on improving pores, skin texture, and redness! These are before and after photos in sequence. I didn't know before I took the picture, but after taking it and comparing it, it seems that the size has gotten tighter rather than the number of pores slightly reduced! And during the day; it seems that the redness has slightly improved than usual. And when I wake up in the morning and wash my face, there is a unique smoothness, but I have to say that my skin seems to have become softer. If you use it consistently, it will definitely be good.


Oh my!! It seems to be effective. I have acne-prone skin, but it's getting better. Pores are shrinking too!

Hira M.

I think Retinal works better than Retinol. The exfoliation is especially great.

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